MAN O' WAR Corsair


Note: Last Updated 04/26/16

What are the Factions in Man O'War: Corsair?

There are many more Factions to come, to see more click here


  • ORSC

How many ships are there?

There are 11 ships in the Alpha, there are many more to come however. If you'd like to see more ships click here

  1. Wolfship
  2. Ironfist
  3. Wargalley
  4. Hellhammer
  5. Greatship
  6. Galleon
  7. Corsair
  8. Bucaneer
  9. Hulk
  10. Bigchukka
  11. Drillakilla

How do other people sail really fast?

There are 2 different methods to sailing faster.

1: When sailing try to head in the direction of the wind, you can identify this by looking at the bottom right corner of the screen. There will be a circle with 3 colors and if the needle(arrow) is in the green then that is sailing with the wind.


2: Some people when sailing turn the time-of-day feature up by hitting the plus key. This is turn looks like there sailing at a faster speed.



First Tip:

To win more fights you must to first find out whether you do more damage with your cannons then your opponent. If you do then keep you distance and out maneuver ram attempts. Otherwise go in for the board and try you best at keeping your men alive.


Second Tip:

If you end up last alive, funnel the enemies into the staircase near the ships wheel. You can stay alive a lot longer this way.


Third Tip:

Ever want to assess the battle field and don't want to hit escape? press the minus key till the game speed is 0. It will pause the battle for you to strategize.


Forth Tip:

Invest in the Repeater. You can find this monster gun at any of the docks.


Fifth Tip:

An easier way to kill sea monsters! Keep your cannons at the ready and when the monster boards you can have a free shot. When she boards, aim for the eyes to do more damage. Switch between your captian and sharp shooter for better angles.



Arg! Sea Monsters!

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Why can't I play other Factions?

Currently in the alpha, you may only play the humans. Updates are made on the twitter and can be found below.

Why isnt there multiplayer?

According to the developers, there are plans to have a game mode that is multiplayer in the later updates.

What are the ports in Man O' War: Corsair?

Grengrad, Norden, Neue Emskrank, Dietershafen, and Hargendorf.

However there are many more to come.

Man O' War Map!

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System Min Requirements:

  1. OS: Windows 7 64 bit
  2. Processor: Intel Core i5 2.6Ghz
  3. Memory: 4 GB RAM
  4. Graphics: GeForce GTX 280
  5. DirectX: Version 9.0c
  6. Storage: 20 GB available space

Man O' War Collection

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